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Introduction to the book “Quality Management”

There can be no one solution or approach to achieving quality because it can never be
completely achieved. There will always be new advances and improvements. A friend
and colleague once said “You know, this Quality Assurance thing’s OK, but I’ll give it
a year or three and something else will come along!” That statement was made some
30 years ago, which makes the statement approximately 28 years out, with time the
statement will become even more inaccurate. There are representations of Egyptian
masons measuring the sizes of blocks of stone to build the pyramids – so quality control
(assurance) was undertaken in those days. With technology and the general public
demanding ever higher quality and performance standards, then quality assurance will
need to be in place. It may be in a different guise – process improvement etc. but
nevertheless, will be just as essential today as it was in the past and will be in the future.
Quality Management is part of the Quality Management series of twelve books which
1. Quality management
2. Management system models
3. People in quality
4. Management systems audit
5. Monitoring and measuring for quality
6. Using quality to improve business performance
7. Quality related legislation and regulation
8. Quality planning in the product life cycle
9. Business research
10. Quality Assurance
11. Quality control
12. Quality in supply Chain
For clarity and continuity purposes, there is correctly some overlap between these titles.
However, this book is expected to be a “stand alone”, comprehensive and practical
reference to quality management.

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Quality Management


Geoff Vorley MSc, MCQI and Mary-Clare Bushell PhD, MBA


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